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Postby Jester » Tue Sep 09, 2014 6:11 pm

poot logz in spoiylers [email protected] - ÉvïL

<15:07:40> "getzzsimon": a random u?
<15:07:54> "getzzsimon": I'm a random lol..
<15:08:03> "getzzsimon": who cares :)?
<15:08:16> "getzzsimon": Someone is talking in the background cant clearly hear you.
<15:08:30> "getzzsimon": you're being mean to pippa ;(
<15:08:43> "getzzsimon": I'm nobody that you know loll
<15:08:57> "getzzsimon": lol...
<15:09:15> "getzzsimon": i only ddosed one btw : )?
<15:09:24> "getzzsimon": ew?
<15:09:25> "getzzsimon": yea
<15:09:43> "getzzsimon": Well it's not my fault that people have to be douchebags and it's really sad that other people have to suffer aswell cuz of that.
<15:09:48> "getzzsimon": btw that's rhyno the script kiddy :D
<15:09:51> "getzzsimon": let's have fun with him.
<15:10:26> "getzzsimon": Well i have a lot to say but not sure
<15:10:28> "getzzsimon": if it's worth it
<15:11:40> "getzzsimon": A script kiddy is someone that download tools using something that isnt made by him/her maybe you should google the world
<15:11:42> "getzzsimon": scrippt kiddy
<15:11:44> "getzzsimon": but other than that
<15:11:46> "getzzsimon": i dont care XD..
<15:11:54> "getzzsimon": not really?
<15:12:01> "getzzsimon": not reeally?
<15:12:09> "getzzsimon": I guess not since i have my own servers XD
<15:12:48> "getzzsimon": w/e floats your boat lol
<15:13:03> "getzzsimon": Well i cant get ownd by script kiddies
<15:13:04> "getzzsimon": ; (
<15:13:09> "getzzsimon": and i got dynamic so it's fine
<15:13:15> "getzzsimon": since you dont know what you're talking about
<15:13:19> "getzzsimon": you shouldnt mention anything that is related to the net
<15:13:21> "getzzsimon": lol...
<15:13:34> "getzzsimon": 0 fucks were given?...
<15:13:47> "getzzsimon": what's up with having a crush on pippa
<15:13:50> "getzzsimon": did i say that
<15:13:52> "getzzsimon": or are you being dumb
<15:14:08> "getzzsimon": hhhahaha
<15:14:15> "getzzsimon": Cuz i'm nice.
<15:14:41> "getzzsimon": you're saying im a douche but if you really want me to be a douche i can just hit you all off aswell o,o
<15:14:45> "getzzsimon": just for the lulz
<15:15:00> "getzzsimon": well that's being a douche
<15:15:10> "getzzsimon": I dont know pippa
<15:15:13> "getzzsimon": i got to know her today.
<15:15:27> "getzzsimon": why are you asking the same question : D?
<15:15:32> "getzzsimon": why is that important..
<15:16:13> "getzzsimon": I'm here.
<15:16:17> "getzzsimon": yea
<15:16:43> "getzzsimon": Well i would like to see people screw me over
<15:16:45> "getzzsimon": XD
<15:16:48> "getzzsimon": sure
<15:17:05> "getzzsimon": Well i could do that and then change : ) it whitin one second.
<15:17:12> "getzzsimon": yesh
<15:17:24> "getzzsimon": Dynamic ftw hmm?
<15:17:51> "getzzsimon": maybe both
<15:18:58> "getzzsimon": Well you always have BOSS
<15:19:01> "getzzsimon": or something else
<15:19:33> "getzzsimon": how old are u man?
<15:19:35> "getzzsimon": 15?
<15:19:49> "getzzsimon": I'm 22 :D but you sound very funny
<15:20:08> "getzzsimon": hmm
<15:20:18> "getzzsimon": DT?
<15:20:20> "getzzsimon": what's up with dt?
<15:21:26> "getzzsimon": Not sure if that's possible i think i null routed it 80 gb/s :D could go way higher than that but damn
<15:21:28> "getzzsimon": shit is just 2 good
<15:21:50> "getzzsimon": 80 gb/s is not hard to achieve not if you have your own company
<15:22:03> "getzzsimon": i pretty much provide dedicated servers and such and i make money out of clowns like rhyno
<15:22:06> "getzzsimon": that rents my ''service''
<15:22:08> "getzzsimon": :D
<15:22:09> "getzzsimon": yeah i guess
<15:22:21> "getzzsimon": btw tell me
<15:22:22> "getzzsimon": one thing
<15:22:25> "getzzsimon": how did DT turned against pippa?
<15:22:50> "getzzsimon": it cost me 0 money
<15:22:59> "getzzsimon": Yes
<15:23:24> "getzzsimon": I dont pay for my servers either like i said i run my own ''company''
<15:23:31> "getzzsimon": :D
<15:23:37> "getzzsimon": http://i.imgur.com/QzPpE3I.png
<15:23:48> "getzzsimon": that's not all servers
<15:23:51> "getzzsimon": it's not cool
<15:23:54> "getzzsimon": it's just clowns renting that
<15:23:56> "getzzsimon": and paying me the good shit
<15:24:15> "getzzsimon": well if you make 3400 a month then you obv do something good.
<15:24:23> "getzzsimon": yes
<15:24:25> "getzzsimon": exactly
<15:25:04> "getzzsimon": Well not sure how would you figure out the name of the company?
<15:25:06> "getzzsimon": dosent make sense.
<15:25:17> "getzzsimon": yea?
<15:25:25> "getzzsimon": that's the servers and not all of them they have nothing to do with the name lol
<15:25:57> "getzzsimon": It's fun when you have douchebags like you trying to mess with a girl that didnt do anything lol.
<15:26:01> "getzzsimon": lame
<15:27:48> "getzzsimon": Tell me what's the story with pippa then and i'm not trying to act like i'm a big sh0t but i sure know what i'm doing and i wont leave because you're the one that will get rekt if you keep XD up that attitude
<15:27:52> "getzzsimon": I'm not here for attention either.
<15:27:54> "getzzsimon": 0 fucks were given
<15:27:55> "getzzsimon": done.
<15:28:42> "getzzsimon": I'm in both calls atm.
<15:28:49> "getzzsimon": with them and you.
<15:28:57> "getzzsimon": Yea
<15:29:24> "getzzsimon": do you mind typing instead cuz i can barely hear yall?
<15:29:47> "Jester": You're taking sides in something that you don't even know 1/2 of the info for
<15:30:05> "getzzsimon": explain?
<15:30:22> "Jester": You believe one girl from the internet and you act upon it? And on someone who didn't do ****?
<15:30:34> "Jester": First off, Creater always acted like he loved Pippa. He wouldn't harm her at all lol
<15:30:43> "Jester": He would always joke about it, but not in the wrong way ofc
<15:30:49> "Jester": And yet here you are ddosing his server
<15:31:11> "Jester": I don't know whats up with Montross, DT, etc..
<15:31:18> "getzzsimon": sec vpn laggy i can barely hear you if that's you
<15:31:19> "Jester": But Pippa did a lot of **** with a lot of people and they got mad
<15:31:26> "Jester": Im not talking anymore
<15:31:29> "getzzsimon": kk
<15:31:50> "Jester": A lot of her things were taken over because either she gave them her password or someone got it after she actd like a Cu**
<15:32:00> "Jester": and her password is the same for everything apparently
<15:32:21> "getzzsimon": so what's up with DT and pippa?
<15:32:31> "Jester": Don't know but don't care
<15:32:38> "Jester": DT acts like a faggot too
<15:32:47> "Jester": both of them basically decided to go hell and act like faggots to the community
<15:32:51> "Jester": start their own little "clan"
<15:32:54> "Jester": It fell through ofc
<15:33:10> Your chat partner has disconnected.
<15:33:14> "simon" rejoined chat.
<15:33:25> "Jester": wat
<15:33:27> "simon": hold on
<15:33:28> Your chat partner has disconnected.
<15:33:37> "simon" rejoined chat.
<15:33:42> "simon": alright
<15:33:42> "Jester": y u keep leaving
<15:33:45> "simon": go on
<15:33:49> "simon": had to change something
<15:33:50> "Jester": uhhh
<15:33:59> "Jester": so they had their own stupid community which never happened
<15:34:08> "Jester": the people who joined them got mad and came back to everyone else
<15:34:16> "Jester": and they finally put down their server
<15:34:19> "Jester": their website is gone
<15:34:25> "Jester": and who knows what up with them
<15:35:09> "simon": their website is having some issues
<15:35:10> "simon": right now.
<15:35:21> "Jester": orly
<15:35:24> "Jester": like being down
<15:36:15> "simon": i see
<15:36:32> "simon": is that all you have to say?
<15:36:38> "Jester": atm
<15:36:40> "Jester": whats your response
<15:37:02> "simon": I don't have one because you're the one explaining this to me.
<15:37:23> "Jester": What I and everyone else wants to know is
<15:37:27> "Jester": why the hell are you disrupting our community
<15:37:36> "Jester": DDOSING our servers, DDOSing our members
<15:37:46> "simon": Members not sure what members except a clown?
<15:37:57> "Jester": You keep referring to him as a clown
<15:38:00> "Jester": but hes a member just like anyone else
<15:38:20> "Jester": Creater is confsued as to why your ddosing his server
<15:38:22> "Jester": he didnt do ****
<15:39:24> "simon": not sure why i should care about people like you?
<15:39:25> "simon": lol
<15:39:30> "Jester": I didn't do crap?
<15:39:39> "Jester": What will it take for you to stop ddosing EW.
<15:40:06> "simon": Well it seems like I'm not the one doing it anymore but it seems like yall been doing some naughty things to get punished like that.
<15:40:14> "Jester": LOL
<15:40:27> "Jester": You actually can't say I did anything, and you also won't have any proof, seeing as I didn't.
<15:40:41> "Jester": Now, kindly don't touch my stuff, and get the hell out. :)
<15:40:47> "Jester": Unless of course, you're here for the slut.
<15:41:05> "Jester": Is it all for the slut?
<15:41:51> "simon": which one?
<15:41:56> "Jester": Pippa ofc
<15:42:01> "Jester": The reason you're here
<15:42:02> "simon": Why are you calling her a slut?
<15:42:13> "Jester": Because she acts like that to every single guy on jka
<15:42:16> "Jester": hince why shes in this sh**hole
<15:42:27> "Jester": Hince why you're here
<15:43:10> "simon": wut?
<15:43:15> "simon": what do you mean lol
<15:43:27> "Jester": Seriously
<15:43:29> "Jester": how dumb can you be?
<15:43:36> "Jester": You don't even know what kind of person Pippa is
<15:43:37> "simon": from 1/10?
<15:43:53> "Jester": Let me tell you: when you are on a ts3 channel with someone and you pop on every few days and they just ramble on
<15:43:55> "Jester": you get to know the person
<15:44:06> "Jester": Not only that, but people act certain ways around others
<15:44:15> "Jester": There are chatlogs of Pippa acting like a slut to so many people
<15:44:36> "Jester": Are you DDOSing any websites?
<15:44:47> "simon": Dont know
<15:44:53> "Jester": lol
<15:44:56> Chat partner has closed the conversation
<15:45:02> "Jester": Lol?
<15:45:10> "simon": ?
<15:45:12> "Jester": "Chat parter has closed the conversation"
<15:45:16> "simon": weird
<15:45:24> "Jester": what all are you ddosing
<15:45:30> "Jester": and what are your reasons for each one
<15:45:51> "simon": not sure what you talking about except that you seem to enjoy messing with Girls over the net
<15:45:53> "simon": how lame? XD
<15:46:03> "Jester": orly
<15:46:04> "Jester": I enjoy it?
<15:46:07> "Jester": Again, stop referring to me.
<15:46:31> "Jester": how can i talk to pippa
<15:46:32> "Jester": ?
<15:47:01> "simon": Talk through me
<15:47:04> "Jester": hellno
<15:47:06> "Jester": direct chat
<15:47:11> "Jester": i dont trust u
<15:47:18> "Jester": obviously because you're destroying my stuff
<15:47:31> "simon": I don't think that would be a good idea.
<15:47:38> "Jester": I think it would be
<15:47:41> "Jester": I haven't done anything to her
<15:48:25> "Jester": i've come to the conclusion that the only reaso you'd be here is if you were the authorities
<15:48:39> "Jester": yet, you have nothing to pin on me (because I did nothing) and so you haven't acted
<15:48:58> "Jester": but if you can get IP's of people, then why bother not acting upon it
<15:49:16> "Jester": Then again, why would the authorities DDOs people? Don't they know its illegial?
<15:49:23> "Jester": ;)
<15:50:02> "Jester": In conclusion, you're obviously not welcomed here while you're pulling this ****. Go ahead and stop DDOSing stuff and tell Pippa to not act like a slut on the internet
<15:50:18> "simon" rejoined chat.
<15:50:23> "Joker": my bad
<15:50:27> "Joker": im jester btw
<15:51:15> "simon": hi
<15:51:26> "Jester": well? please respond to what i said
<15:51:54> "simon": I'm not doing anything o,O.....?
<15:52:00> "Jester": Bull****
<15:52:06> "simon": you delusional?
<15:52:10> "Jester": You already admitted you were right at the start
<15:52:11> "Jester": and I have logs lold
<15:52:26> "simon": Oh snap kid fell for my lie.
<15:52:33> "Jester": dont worry bro
<15:52:35> "Jester": saved it all
<15:53:06> "Jester": i dont really care if your montross, dt, meta, or whatever else faggot pippa is into
<15:53:16> "Jester": but you're going to get into hella trouble
<15:53:28> "Jester": for this mess you're in
<15:55:36> "simon": hmm?
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Re: PippasNewestCuntandWannabeScriptKiddieSimon

Postby Kubaa » Wed Sep 10, 2014 4:37 pm

[00:11:19] AxelRouce: i kill slain
[00:11:25] Kuba: wow really?
[00:11:33] AxelRouce: i kill kuba
[00:11:55] Kuba: WOW nice.. ITS MISSION IMPOSSIBLE

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Re: PippasNewestCuntandWannabeScriptKiddieSimon

Postby Creater_X » Sat Sep 13, 2014 8:22 am

WolverinΣ wrote:<15:30:34> "Jester": First off, Creater always acted like he loved Pippa. He wouldn't harm her at all lol

Wait What?
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Re: PippasNewestCuntandWannabeScriptKiddieSimon

Postby Rinzler° » Sat Sep 13, 2014 12:55 pm

Creater_X wrote:
WolverinΣ wrote:<15:30:34> "Jester": First off, Creater always acted like he loved Pippa. He wouldn't harm her at all lol

Wait What?
Shots fired!
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Re: PippasNewestCuntandWannabeScriptKiddieSimon

Postby DEOXICLEAN » Sun Sep 14, 2014 6:03 pm

Lol wtf am I reading?
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