Welcome to 2019

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Welcome to 2019

Postby EviL » Thu Jan 03, 2019 11:57 am

Hi folks,

It's been forever since I have been on this forum, in fact it's been forever since Jenova started. It has also been forever since Jenova has ended. 2018 for me was a long and ridiculously difficult journey for myself and with that came a lot of hardship and reflection and I figured I'd reflect a tiny bit on this clan and game that brought me a lot of joy when I was younger. I mean, what does it matter? No one is going to read this...or are you?

I started in this clan at the lowest rank possible back when Tiger was the leader of the clan, before the caste system was even in place. It was an interesting time. I had just left another clan after becoming leader of it and being thrown back to the bottom was very interesting. What drew me here were the great maps, loads of people and just the nonsense that ensued due to the constant trolls and laming. I loved it and knew it would be cool to join! I enjoyed it for a year or so before leaving JKA all together just mainly because I became bored to be completely honest. I let the game sit for a while and came back to a completely different but unique clan. A clan without tiger but with a remaining cast system. Worf, DT, and Rinz were the leaders and I was a level 9 whatever. Fast forward, I was know Sub-Icon and the clan was definitely in a position of dying attendance mainly just because the game at this point was over 13 years old. We xploded, we came back, I lead, then we exploded again. The end.

In realistic thinking, I made and lost alot of friends here and this game and clan brought me a lot of joy. Now as we all move on, we can remember the hilarity, the anger, the drama, all of it.

Thanks for a great time, and if you're reading this, add me on Facebook and tell me who you are.
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