Jenova Lugormod, we're back.

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Jenova Lugormod, we're back.

Postby Worf » Wed Dec 30, 2015 12:12 pm

Well, as I'm sure everyone who thought to check this site has realized, we have merged with Exodus' and Rh¥no's Jenova.

What does this mean? It means increased stability for the game server, as we have an updated plugin which is still being supported by it's developer, and we have innovated a new cycle that (by itself) will never crash!

We have also upgraded our server, here are our new specs!


These specs ensure that we will have the overhead processing capability for any future expansion as well as leaving the server enough breathing room that it never needs extra resources.

Our plans for the future are very much in flux right now as the merge is still fresh and we have yet to consolidate our opinions and the power structure accordingly. Rest assured that we plan to build a strong lasting community, as well as a fair and balanced power structure which promotes good, active admins, and fun for the everyday clients.

If you have any questions, feel free to add me on steam.

Here is my profile pic/name

Also obviously feel free to respond to this topic. We will be lifting ALL ACCOUNT BANS.

I look forward to the things that this clan will do, and all of the things it is capable of.
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